I *Bleeping* Love the Eagles, Man: Lake Harney Wilderness

Hi everyone! Today’s post takes us to the Lake Harney Wilderness Area, about 25 miles northeast of Orlando as the eagle flies. The bald eagle, that is. And it’s not just on the sign for decoration–bald eagles do indeed nest here. Our national bird is always a welcome sight. But did you know that theyContinue reading “I *Bleeping* Love the Eagles, Man: Lake Harney Wilderness”

Gator In The Grass, Part 2: Orlando Wetlands Park

Hi again. We’re back at the Wetlands this week because it’s just that awesome of a place. Above is one of Florida’s most ubiquitous citizens, the great blue heron. Here are a couple of more I saw on this morning hike: Aren’t they beautiful, graceful birds? They make for a very serene image, and I’mContinue reading “Gator In The Grass, Part 2: Orlando Wetlands Park”

The Geneva Convention (of Critters): Geneva Wilderness Area

Wow, do I have a lot of cool photos to share with you guys today! That’s because there is just so much diversity packed into the 180 acres of the Geneva Wilderness Area. It also adjoins the much larger Little Big Econ State Forest, which means you can make this as long or as shortContinue reading “The Geneva Convention (of Critters): Geneva Wilderness Area”

Of Pines and Predators: Chuluota Wilderness Area

Nestled in a neighboring county, the Chuluota Wilderness Area is a 625 acre preserve which adjoins the much larger Bronson State Forest. From Wikipedia: “Chuluota is pronounced “Choo-lee-oh-tah”, meaning “Isle of Pines”, “Pine Island”, or “Land of Lakes and Pines” or “beautiful place”, depending upon whom you ask. The pronunciation is a derivative of theContinue reading “Of Pines and Predators: Chuluota Wilderness Area”

Gator in the Grass: Orlando Wetlands Park

Hi friends! Today’s post takes us a few miles east of Orlando to the town of Christmas (as evidenced by the red and green in the pic above) and Orlando Wetlands Park. If you want to see Florida wildlife, this is the place to do it. From the park’s website: “The Orlando Wetlands Park isContinue reading “Gator in the Grass: Orlando Wetlands Park”

Sandhill Serenade: Split Oak Forest

Hi and welcome back. If you stay with me over the next few months, you’re going to be seeing this name a LOT, because Split Oak Forest is one of my favorite places on Earth. A few miles southeast of Orlando, it’s a 2000-acre oasis nestled up against one of the most rapidly growing areasContinue reading “Sandhill Serenade: Split Oak Forest”

Welcome to Professor Gator’s

Hello and welcome! If you’re reading this, it means one of two things: you’re either lost (gator holes are even worse than rabbit holes) or you want to see some of the wild and beautiful places that natural Florida has to offer. No, not THAT. Here’s the kind of thing I’m talking about: Florida isContinue reading “Welcome to Professor Gator’s”